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Words & Music Quincy

Live Music or Theater Event

Ages Event is Appropriate For

12 years old and up

Words & Music is an ongoing series featuring acoustic music and the spoken word, with a spotlight on local performers. The format showcases a Featured Artist, followed by an open mic section where local musicians and poets can present their art to an appreciative, open-hearted audience, which is the hallmark of the Quincy experience. Located deep in the Lost Sierra, in the Northeast corner of California, Quincy is a unique, quirky town with lots of small town charm and culture.

Words & Music has been brought to audiences in our region by Plumas Arts since 1989. The initial monthly poetry reading series would find musicians turning up in the open mic section. In recognition and response to this emerging need for a forum for local musicians to present their work on a regular basis, Plumas Arts established a monthly acoustic music series. For a number of years the spoken word and the musical aspects were separated, but attendance began to drop for both and the two halves were brought together again for the series that remains so well loved today.

"Words & Music has an amazing ability to create a sense of place and belonging. It provides a safe place for artists to try out their new work, encourages an attentive audience to listen closely, and inspires all who participate. People are always commenting on how impressed they are by the talented people that live in their neighborhoods. Audience members become encouraged to create and present their own creative work. Over the years many who first came to listen become regular open mike presenters. It has been a beautiful thing to watch this artistic program provide such a strong sense of cohesion and community. It is just these sort of successes that keeps me in my job, and one of the biggest fans of Words & Music," comments Plumas Arts Executive Director Roxanne Valladao.

Words & Music Quincy has been hosted since it's inception at Patti's Thunder Café, a wonderful, cozy, intimate setting, serving beverages during the performances. Patti's Thunder Café makes delicious breakfasts and lunches, a favorite stop for travelers through the Sierras.


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