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Tibbits Foundry located in historic Sutter Creek, California was founded in 1854 by Frank Tibbits. Tibbits, a former Lincoln Mine superintendent, operated the foundry until his death in 1869 at which time the foundry was sold and taken over by S.S Mannon. Mannon did not operate the foundry for very long and soon the foundry became Donnely's foundry which survived until the 1870s. Water powered and known for their water turbines, Donnely's foundry met the growing needs of the community and competed with its more infamous neighbor the "Knight Foundry" until its closure in the 1870s. Tibbits Foundry did not stay vacant for long, and in 1909 became the Amador Electric Railway and Light Company which has been thought to have utilized Samuel Knights' "Dynamo Motor" making it one of the first hydro-electric power plants in the nation.

The former Tibbits foundry has been thoughtfully restored to its original splendor by utilizing locally reclaimed metal roofing to line the interior walls. The water wheel which once powered the foundry remains intact and creates great conversation of days gone by amongst its onlookers. Beneath the cement floor remains a water powered car lift that utilized water from the neighboring creek which continues to flow alongside the building. The memory of a fire that once took over the back of the building is still evident by the black soot that remains high in the rafters all of which only add to the character, charm and historical significance of the building and its current contents.

Currently, Tibbits foundry eclectically displays the finds of the O'Neill family who own and operate Water Street Interiors. Known across the country for unique products, Water Street Antiques and Interiors carries a vast array of treasures that include antique pine, Portuguese Colonial furniture, fair trade textiles, quality home decor and locally constructed harvest tables made with reclaimed timber.

Discover for yourself the unique finds that await you as you set foot in the former foundry where the historical charm of our building sets the perfect stage for our beautiful and extensive collection of home furniture and decor.


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