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Tule Elk Wildlife Viewing Area

Wildlife Viewing Area
This bull Tule Elk enjoys the water and grazing in a field between Big Pine and Independence, where the herd is most often seen. – Big Pine Chamber of Commerce

ADA Accessibility Notes

The roadside pull-outs are wide and a safe distance from the highway, which allows for wheelchair or other disabled access.

A herd of Tule Elk was transplanted into the Owens Valley in the 1950s from California's central valley to protect the species. The elk have done quite well in its new home. The herd, which includes bulls with expansive antlers and plenty of cows and calves, can be found on both sides of U.S. 395 south of Big Pine. "Wildlife Viewing" signs near two of the herd's most favorite places to graze and bed down point motorists to pull-outs, to facilitate photos and a safe place to look at the elk.

Best Months and Seasons for Viewing

Spring through Fall the herd stays on or close to irrigated fields to take advantage of the ample water and feed.

Best Time for Viewing


Pet Friendly Notes

It is illegal to allow dogs to harass wildlife (or even cattle that might also be in the area), so keep dogs in the vehicle or under control.

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