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Truckee Community Garden

Garden or Arboretum
2009 spring-before – daphne Hougard

ADA Accessibility Notes

We have gates and garden beds that are wheel chair accessible. The ground is hard soil covered with wood chips.

Nestled in the Truckee Regional Park, the Truckee Community Garden has its own micro-climate with ample sunshine, but lower and more unpredictable temperatures and wind. This is due to being part of the Truckee River corridor. We have to be our own Doppler service dodging early and late frost, significant wind and intensified temperatures.

Pet Friendly Notes

We love dogs. They keep the critters away that love to chomp our veggies. We welcome all dogs that obey their owners and do not tend to dig. Any other dogs are asked to be on a leash under a tree with water outside the fence.

Recreational Opportunities

The Truckee Community Garden members are busy creating a renewed gathering place while growing and eating locally, organically, seasonably and sustainably. Committed local residents are intent on proving we can abundantly grow food at 6,000' within a short growing season. We are an eclectic group of people who have been rolling up our sleeves in hopes of building a lasting legacy that will help our community become more sustainable and more bonded to each other.

The purpose of our community garden is to share information and experiences in the adventure of organic high altitude crop gardening. Subjects may include composting, seeds, gardening techniques and styles, rain harvesting, collaboration, cooking to get the most benefit and enjoyment form our homegrown produce. It is also co-sponsored by two local institutions dedicated to bringing healthy local food to the community, Project MANA and Slow Food Lake Tahoe.

Project MANA is committed to dramatically reduce the incidence of hunger and its detrimental effects upon individuals, families, our community, and the region. In addition to providing hunger relief, we have developed programs designed to alleviate the causes of hunger and promote nutrition through education and awareness.

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world. To do that, Slow Food brings together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable.

For all those who are interested in gardening please apply by June 1st. We welcome members who live in the area, commit time, share their knowledge, ideas and experiences and want to make new friends.

Submit your member application now. We have limited space & lots of eager farm-a-want-a-bees.

We are always looking for garden gurus. If you are inspired, have a particular garden related passion and the time and energy to create something unique we invite you to go for it!

Tell us your idea and we will help make it happen. Some ideas that have been mentioned are: building a green house, hydroponic gardening, living forts for kids, planting an orchard, demos for garden techniques, theme planting (Italian, Latin, Middle Eastern), French intensive planting, artistic signs for the plants, etc. The garden will reflect the ideas and the work the members put into it.


Seasons Accessible

The garden opens when the snow allows. Our goal is to have a 6 month season without the aid of a green house and 8-9 months. 1. All work hours will be recorded so we fulfill our grant obligations. There will be both time logs at the garden and on the Yahoo group. 2. Chores and harvest needs will be posted once a week through the group email and on the chalkboard at the garden. 3. Picking of veggies will be Tuesdays to coincide with the Farmers Market. What ever is not picked will be donated to Project MANA. 4. All produce must be weighed and recorded before leaving the garden so we can track our progress and learn what veggies are most productive. 5. If we have a waiting list and you cannot meet your membership obligations your membership will be offered to another person. 6. You can share in a membership, 3-person max. 7. All dogs must be tied outside the fence. 8. Their will be a kids digging and planting area to protect the rest of the crops. 9. You are required to have fun, be social and treat the garden like it’s your own. Be respectful of shared tools by returning them to the rack and leave no trace (even if it’s not yours).


TCG Volunteer FREE: You are welcome to join in on all worker bees and events in the garden and be part of the yahoo group. There are no volunteer hours required. Level One: TCG Friend $25

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