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Trout Creek, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake, River, or Waterfall
Trout Creek in winter, courtesy of –

Trout Creek is one of 63 streams flowing into Lake Tahoe. The stream meanders from higher elevations of the Tahoe Basin, down through the town of South Lake Tahoe. Trout Creek has historically undergone significant disturbances due to cattle grazing, logging, development, and stream channelization which led to the depletion of many plant and animal species.

A recent 2001 restoration project restored much of the stream channel increasing flood frequency, raising ground water levels, improving vegetation, and enhancing critical wildlife habitat. Improved creek conditions have also led to healthier surrounding meadows.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs are banned from the Upper Truckee Marsh, which includes Trout Creek.

Recreational Opportunities

Improved creek conditions have enhanced recreation opportunities for many different user groups. Kayakers can paddle up Trout Creek from the majestic blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Paddlers will experience the creek like never before, with existing opportunities for viewing wildlife. Trout Creek provides perfect conditions for viewing birds, deer, fish, crayfish, and if you’re lucky a bear! Don’t forget your fishing pole! Fishing is allowable with proper CA Fishing licensing and season.

There are various nature walks that can help visitors escape the hustle of Highway 50 and experience a natural area. Forget the vehicle! Ride your bike! Trout Creek is easily accessible by bike. The bike trail boarders Trout Creek’s surrounding meadows making for a fun and safe ride! Check out for a trail map.


Seasons Accessible

Trout Creek is accessible year round. Plan ahead a prepare for weather conditions.


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