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Todd Borg - Author

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

Todd is the award winning writer of the Owen McKenna mystery series. Owen McKenna used to be a cop in San Francisco. His position was Homicide Inspector. A tragic event (revealed in the novel, "Tahoe Blowup") made him give up the profession (and guns) and move to Lake Tahoe to start over. Owen started his practice as a private detective working out of a rented office space on Kingsbury Grade on the South Shore.

Each novel uses the Lake Tahoe basin as a backdrop for adventure and mystery. Todd has called Lake Tahoe home for 20 years. His stories use places throughout the Lake Tahoe basin and beyond - so you learn about the place through reading an entertaining novel. With your imagination and these novels, the Tahoe experience will always stay with you.

Todd Borg and his wife moved from Minnesota to Lake Tahoe in 1990, the result of one too many vacations to the "Big Lake in the Sky." They had taken annual ski trips to the West and enjoyed the mountains so much they decided they would someday live in a land of three dimensions. While Todd had written short stories, reviews, articles and three novels, moving to Tahoe gave him the idea for a series of novels with a detective protagonist who lived in Tahoe. The result was Owen McKenna, an ex-cop with a tragic background who moved from The City (San Francisco) to the mountains to study art and earn a slightly more genteel living as a private detective. "Tahoe Deathfall" was the first novel in the series and received great reviews. Kirkus Reviews called it, "A thrilling, extended rescue/chase." Midwest Book Review called it, "A tremendous read from a great writer." The second book, Tahoe Blowup, received equal raves. With that response, Borg knew he'd found his future.

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Todd Borg

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