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Tahoe-Pyramid Trail

Scenic Byways or Routes
Numana View is the lower Truckee River near Nixon

ADA Accessibility Notes

Many paved sections of the Tahoe Pyramid Trail are ADA accessible.

The Tahoe-Pyramid Trail is a route currently under construction, that will link the Truckee River by foot or by bicycle from its source at forested Lake Tahoe to its desert terminus, Pyramid Lake.

Parts of the bikeway are already completed, and visible on this map - Tahoe-Pyramid Trail maps

In its entirety, the route will descend over 2000 feet in 116 miles, using a combination of existing dirt and paved roads, plus some sections of new trail and bridges. Many of these linkages have already been built or designated, and cross through historically significant areas in the Sierra Nevada. The trail creates a connection between Tahoe and the Truckee River corridor that shows off one of the region's incredible watersheds and a historic thoroughfare.

The trail is open year round, weather permitting.

Driving Directions

For maps and directions, visit Tahoe-Pyramid Trail

Eco-Friendly Notes

The Truckee River canyon provided the first route for the pioneers, and the first transcontinental highway and railroad. It also showcases a wide range of eco-systems from Alpine at Lake Tahoe to a unique desert terminal lake at Pyramid.

Highlights and Key Points Along the Route

Currently the Trail is broken down into the following five sections: Tahoe City to Truckee (along the bikepath and Hwy 89), Floriston to Verdi (dirt), Verdi to Sparks, Mustang to Clark (dirt), and the Pyramid Lake Reservation.

The trail along the river through Reno and Sparks has been developed over the years by the two cities and county. A new section was built by the Trail to connect Reno to Verdi without cycling on I-80 in 2005. This is the most popular road ride in the area—12 miles from downtown Reno to Verdi. The route is mostly on-street bike lanes west of downtown Reno, and a paved, separated path east of there to the end at Vista Blvd. The gradient is very gradual—nearly flat.

The trail through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation from Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake was developed by the Bikeway in cooperation with the Tribe. It is 24 miles mostly of compacted dirt, with two fence stiles that must be climbed over.

The gradient of the "Rez" trail is somewhat hilly as shown on the profile and gps trace here. For those not wanting to ride all the way to Pyramid Lake and back, a popular option is to ride from Wadsworth to the Numana Hatchery and back (17 miles total). BE SURE TO BUY A DAY-USE PERMIT FROM THE TRIBAL STORE IN WADSWORTH ($10 PER CAR).

Recently, the Trail has been finished from Tahoe City to Hirschdale using portions of the Legacy Trail, and from Verdi to Floriston through dirt trails in the Truckee River Canyon. The Trail does not yet connect from Hirschdale to Floriston and portions are closed during the winter of 2019 - be sure to check the website for current conditions!

Be sure to visit Tahoe-Pyramid Trail to find up-to-date information about trail status and conditions.

Length of Byway or Route

116 Miles

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs on leash are okay, but horses are not allowed on the trail.

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