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Squirrel Roundup

Festival Event
Women are also participants in the annual Squirrel Roundup. – Jean Bilodeaux

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

Youth through adult both male and female

Incredible problems sometimes require unique solutions! Each year Surprise Valley, California is faced with a massive infestation of ground squirrels known as the Belding Squirrel. The varmints, sometimes called Sage Rats, can destroy up to a third of the farmer's crop. Something needed to be done so the Chamber of Commerce organized the annual Squirrel Roundup which is held the last Saturday of March nearest to the first day of Spring.

Varmint Hunters and Target Shooters are invited to shoot as fast as you can, and share your hunting feats at the evening barbecue.

The Squirrel Roundup Party is sponsored by the Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce and includes a BBQ, official Squirrel Roundup Hat, and raffle ticket. This event had brought commerce to the remote Surprise Valley area. Hunters return on subsequent weekends to help control this rodent infestation problem, and have a blast!

For specific dates and details, please contact the Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce; 530-279-2001 or visit

Pet Friendly Notes

Not an event for pets.


Admission Fee (if any)

Current reservation is $45.00 per person