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Sierra Moon Goldsmiths

Unique Shop
Matching Hammered Gold and Diamond Wedding Bands

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths is hailed as Sierra Nevada's most unique jewelry store and Gold Country's premier destination for one-of-a-kind gold nugget and gold bearing quartz jewelry. Located in historical Old Town Auburn, Sierra Moon has been creating stunning custom jewelry for almost 40 years, using gold derived from local mines and modern-day miners. The material used today is, in fact, the same material that put this area on the map over 150 years ago during the Gold Rush era.

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths is also one of the few remaining jewelry stores practicing lost wax casting. Their expert designers transform blocks of wax into spectacular works of art. “We are privileged to honor our rich history by creating beautiful and unique jewelry, using our skills and the very material that put our town on the map,” says co-owner Linda Pierce. “The curves of a nugget or the vein of the quartz often guide my vision for each creation,” Pierce continues, “Plus it’s fun to think about the journey of the gold: from when it’s first discovered at the river and brought to our store – where it is transformed into something lovely and put out in the case – until the moment it catches someone’s eye and finds a new home – where hopefully it will be cherished for many generations to come.”

The next time you are in historic Old Town Auburn, be sure to stop by Sierra Moon Goldsmiths and discover for yourself the beauty of natural gold combined with the talents of master jewelers. There are few other towns in California where the past meets the present and you can own a little piece of history.

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Pet Friendly Notes

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths proudly serves local, organic biscuits to all of its pet visitors!

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