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Plantation Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

For over one hundred years, this 4,500 square foot home on twenty acres of orange groves was known as the Mesa Verde Citrus Plantation. In 1996, the citrus plantation was transformed into the Plantation Bed & Breakfast, where it remains on one and a half acres of the original twenty. Take a step back in time when you walk into the original settlers' house built from river rock, over 130 years ago, in 1880.

The Plantation is nestled in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains among hundreds of acres of orange groves, only 17 miles from Sequoia National Park. It is a peaceful country getaway located in a small citrus community with a population of 190, yet conveniently located on the two-lane scenic California Highway 198 with various tourist attractions and over 200 restaurants within a 20 minute drive.

One half mile north of the Plantation is a fork in the road. If you go to the left it takes you to Kings Canyon National Park. The fork to the right leads you to the main entrance of Sequoia National Park.

Chef Marie in the formal dining room – Scott

Bed and Breakfast Style

There are seven romantic theme rooms named after characters from "Gone With The Wind" and decorated accordingly. Imagine the thrill of staying in the Scarlett O'Hara room with a fireplace, jacuzzi tub and French doors that open to a veranda where you can sit and enjoy the sunset. The swimming pool is open seasonally and a Jacuzzi hot tub is open 24 hours every day of the year.

Wake up to sunshine, the sound of chirping birds, crowing roosters and the aroma of Chef Marie's lavish gourmet breakfast. The meal begins with a buffet laden with fresh picked fruit from the local fields, Marie's world famous homemade granola and fresh baked culinary creations, and ends with a sumptuous hot entree. Fresh squeezed orange juice is available every morning from oranges picked in the local area. Enjoy this memorable meal in the elegant dining room or sit outside in the spacious brick courtyard overlooking the pool and gardens. Chef Marie is a published author with her own gourmet cookbook Plantation Brunch.

The Plantation Bed & Breakfast is Triple A 3 diamond rated.

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

When Marie was a child, she liked to play in the dirt, play with her food, and play with paint and crayons. After a long hiatus of taking life seriously, Marie returned to her childhood passions. She does not plan to grow up. When she is playing, she feels she offers better therapy to her guests, even more than she ever could during her 30 years of nursing. The dream of having a bed and breakfast took 15 years of plotting and planning. After sending the kids off to college and getting her new husband, Scott, enthused, it was time to take flight. It took a year and a half of searching and false landings to find our paradise in the rough. We've been going mach speed ever since. In spite of the usual trials of an old house and a new business, we've never looked back. The closest we'll ever come to "real" jobs again is in our nightmares. We love the awesome parks. We love the climate (no more of Marie's wrecking her car in Connecticut ice and snow). And, we love the "dear hearts and gentle people of our home town".

Scott has enjoyed three different careers before Marie convinced him to become an Innkeeper. He was an Air Traffic Controller for ten years until President Ronald Reagan fired him, along with 13,000 PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) union members, for going on strike against the Government in 1981. His second career path was as an entrepreneur. In 1982 Scott and another fired controller started a pizza franchise in Oklahoma known as Gezeppi's Pizza. The franchise grew to eighteen restaurants, of which Scott owned two and was general manager of five. In 1989 he sold out and moved to Connecticut to enjoy a six month sabbatical. Scott and Marie started dating shortly after his arrival and in just three months he proposed marriage. Marie proclaimed that she would not be engaged to someone who was unemployed. So, he got a job in management with CVS Pharmacy, got married and soon learned of Marie's dream of owning a Bed and Breakfast. This is definitely the best job Scott has ever had, not only because he doesn't have to wear a tie or shoes, but he can pursue his passion of photography. Over 100 photos can be seen adorning the walls of the Plantation.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets allowed please.


Seasons Open

Year- round


Range of Rates

$99 - $179


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Locally or Family-Owned Business


Breakfast Style Served

Gourmet Breakfast

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