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Pine Hill Preserve

Volunteer Opportunity
Pine Hill Preserve – Pine Hill Preserve

The Pine Hill Preserve was established to protect rare native plants in El Dorado County, California, that occur on a particular soil type known as gabbro soils. The Preserve is centered around Green Valley Road and stretches from Folsom Lake in the north to Highway 50 in the south. Pine Hill Preserve contains a total of 4,122 acres with a high diversity of native plants; however, only 3,276 of these acres are included in an area designated for the recovery of five federally listed plants. The terrain at the preserve is not paved, much is uneven, and no facilities (restrooms) are available at the sites.

Appropriate Ages for Volunteer Opportunity

Over 7 yrs to any age that is comfortable with the lack of trails and uneven terrain

Special Skills that May be Required or Helpful

Volunteer naturalists are the primary contact for visitors to the Pine Hill Preserve. If interested in volunteering, please print and send the Volunteer Interest Form to:

Regular Mail BLM Mother Lode Field Office Attn: Graciela Hinshaw Pine Hill Preserve Manager 5152 Hillsdale Circle, El Dorado Hills CA 95762 Phone: (916) 941-3134.

Types of Volunteer Work Needed

Pine Hill Preserve needs the help of dedicated volunteers. Together we can protect, enhance, and share our knowledge of this unique area. You are welcome to sign up for more than one category. Organized groups, as well as individuals, are welcome to join the Habitat Restoration Team (HRT).

The following are examples of HRT activities:

Maintaining trails Controlling erosion Collecting seed Planting native species Restoring disturbed areas Eradicating noxious weeds Fencing off designated areas

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