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Nuui Cunni Native American Intertribal Cultural Center

Visitor or Interpretive Center
One of the garden areas at the Nuui Cunni site located on Lake Isabella – Nuui Cunni Native American Cultural Center

ADA Accessibility Notes

Our facility is especially designed and built for accessibility, inside and out. All surfaces are flat and level; from the handicap parking area completely around the building. There are extra wide sidewalks, making touring outside very 'wheelchair' friendly. Graveled areas are hard surface and easy for touring most of the structures and garden areas. The stairway from the parking lot is equipped with handrails and is a gentle slope making for easy walking.

The “Nuui Cunni” Native American Intertribal Cultural Center is located on Lake Isabella in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. The center's location on Lake Isabella is beautiful and breathtaking, and radiates a spiritual atmosphere for "Nuui Cunni" which means "Our House." The uniqueness and authenticity of the displays and activities offered are a popular attraction to all interested visitors and those, who by heritage, can identify with Native American Culture.

The Center houses many Native American artifacts from local tribes including Showshine Paiute, Tubatulabal, Kawaiiasu as well as pieces from many tribes throughout the United States.

Operating, on a non discriminatory basis, under a Special Use Permit granted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the Sequoia National Forest Greenhorn District, the Kern River Paiute Council has been authorized to manage and operate the “Nuui Cunni” Native American Intertribal Cultural Center to curate and display Native American artifacts, crafts and art. We promote and restore the culture and history of our local Indian Communities, recognizing with respect, all wishing to exercise their educational programs and spiritual ceremonies.

The 3,150 square foot specially designed building, houses an authentic Native American museum, library, gift shop, and visitors center. The gift shop is always open during operating hours, and is stocked for those interested in unique handmade Native American crafts and wares.

The center also includes 5.6 acres which feature native plant exhibits, Native American artifacts, dance arbor, tule hut, lamada, sweat lodge, and a prayer garden featuring a plaque dedicated to the local Indians massacred in 1863 near the local Tilly Creek Indian site. The 5.6 acre site also allows for activities to accommodate many visitors. Within fifty yards of our facility is a large group campsite that can be obtained by reservation.

A lease agreement with TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) under the Owens Valley Career and Development Center, enables them to present programs to families, stressing the welfare of the youth, with activities to teach values, respect and the need for education to prepare for the future.

The center operates almost entirely with volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact us. Our “Friends of the Center” program brings support, special interest, and encouragement from those wishing to help.

We welcome all, who identify and would enjoy visiting the “Nuui Cunni” Native American Cultural Center's unique activities such as: Special Gatherings, Native American Crafts, Monthly Sweats, Meetings, Youth Activities, Substance Abuse Meetings, Farmers’ Market, Friendship, Cultural Classes, Training and Demonstrations. Anyone wishing to be added to our special activities invitation list can contact us through our website or e-mail address.

Eco-Friendly Notes

The 5.6 acres where the facility is located, overlooks Isabella Lake and adorned naturally with Pine, Oak, Cottonwood and Cedar trees, Manzanita, Sages, Buck Brush, and Willows. Growing wild is Mustard Weed, Buckwheat, native Tobaccos and many other plants indigenous to the area.

The native plant landscaping we maintain is part of our commitment to have our gardens specially selected for our area. Plants needing little or no water, are fire resistant as well as animal repellent are some of the species on our site. The many varieties of plants include those used for medicines, basket making, food and housing by our ancestors that we have carried over to the present.

The irrigation system used for the entire grounds is a drip system, which greatly decreases the use of that precious gift, water. The regular maintenance and trimming of plants or removal of weeds are mulched and then reused in our garden areas.

Areas used for ceremonies are of natural decomposed granite gravel. Our garden paths are local chipped rock pebbles lined with small river rocks and boulders. Special selected, very large boulders, have been placed for seating if desired.

Native plants are always available for sale to visitors of our center.

Tours of the gardens and structures are given at the request of visitors or local organizations. The outside structures include; a native dance arbor, sweat lodge, tule hut and a lamada (both under re-construction at the moment). The Prayer Garden, cactus garden and Memorial Plaque are ares of special interest and spiritual time.

Recycling plastics and aluminum is an on going process to help finance special causes. We also collect pull-tabs from cans. That amount collected is donated for chemotherapy for cancer patients.

We provide food for the homeless and assist our other local Native American groups with their ceremonial gatherings, meetings and events.

Our goals are continually directed to preserving and utilizing the most precious of nature given to us; in our artwork, ways of life and furthering our culture.

Pet Friendly Notes

We limit pets to service dogs ONLY. We have native wild life in the area, such as squirrels, rabbits, wild cats, deer, snakes, coyotes, rats and many species of birds. It is not a place where a pet would always be safe.

All efforts are directed at promoting and preserving the Native American Culture and heritage so important to this area.


Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Seasons Open

Year Round


Admission is free- Donations greatly appreciated.

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