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Mountain Maidu of Genesee and Indian Valley

Educational Opportunity

Sierra Institute’s Center of Forestry is offering a special educational tour focused on the history of the Mountain Maidu of Genesee and Indian Valleys.

Lorena Gorbet, whose ancestors have inhabited the area for many years, will tell of their history and her story of growing up in this region. Lorena is also active in the promotion of Mountain Maidu history, culture, and traditional ecology – native stewardship of the land, and is currently a member of the Maidu Summit Consortium.

This tour begins at 9:00am at the Sierra Institute office in downtown Taylorsville where participants will receive morning refreshments and an introduction to the day’s events and tour guides. We will travel by bus to Genesee Valley with various stops along the way.

In Genesee, participants will enjoy a visit to the Heart K Ranch property, which is currently owned by the Feather River Land Trust (FLRT). A representative of FRLT will be present to discuss the history and impact of the Euro-Americans in this area.

Lorena will continue with stories of the Maidu living in Genesee and will also discuss Maidu history, culture and language, as well as native vegetation, food gathering and preparation.

We’ll stop for lunch at the Taylorsville Campground, an old Maidu village site, and hear more from about the importance of this site and it’s future. Various other stops will be made through Indian Valley, including a visit to the Peter Lassen Marker and a viewpoint of Arlington Rock, where many spiritual wars took place.

Lorena will talk to us also about the beaver and otter that once were so prevalent in the area and how the Maidu valued their presence. We’ll end the tour at the Indian Valley Museum’s Maidu Room to view various artifacts from the valleys.

Morning refreshments, lunch, and bus transportation are provided as part of the tour, which begins at 9:00am and concludes no later than 3:00pm. Cost is $50 per person.

Visit our website at for more information on our tours, and on all our programs.

Dates and Times

August 15, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

How to Participate

To reserve your space, or receive information via email, please contact Camille Swezy at 530.284.1022 or email at

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