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Loping Wolf

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

The LOPING WOLF Flute 'n' Drum Circle is a group of friends bitten by "Flute Fever," and there's no cure. We're happy about that!

The "Spirit of the Flute" bit them real bad. It first bit Dan through Mary Youngblood's CD rendition of"Cold Wind" and her Spring 2006 concert in Grass Valley a few weeks later. "Flute Fever"spread to neighbors and friends and soon the "LOPING WOLF Flute 'n' Drum Circle"was formed out of a desire to play flutes and a need to know about the "Spirit of the Flute". That need has taken them all on a wonderful journey, where they constantly discover many more people who are also "infected" and want to play the flute.

On their endless "Flute Journey" every single day, they meet or hear about other people all of whom share information about events, places, facts, stories, new flutes, techniques, solutions to questions, and ideas. As Mary Youngblood told them, the "Spirit of the Flute" guided them and is leading them along the many roads of discovery. LOPING WOLFis literally "LOPING" from moment to moment, covering as much ground as our chosen life paths will permit. They have learned that “The Spirit” knows no political boundaries, no nationalities, no tribes, no religious affiliations, no gender, no age, no amount of hair, and no body weight. LOPING WOLF would not be here today without the guidance and friendship of Mary Youngblood.

Flute music reminds us of the “Breath of The Creator” and takes us away to deep, cosmic, and very comfortable levels of emotion. Because many of their flutes are tuned to a Pentatonic Scale, they are musically compatible with other players, a compatibility which makes it emotionally rewarding to play as a group.

Please click here to listen to LOPING WOLF.

LOPING WOLF hails from the Heart of Mary Youngblood Country in Northern California between Auburn and Grass Valley, about 50 miles northeast of Sacramento.

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