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Lava Rock Ranch ~ Sculpture in the Sagebrush

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

Welcome to the Lava Rock Ranch where fine sculpture can be discovered hidden away in the high desert sagebrush.

Sabertooth Lava Tiger – Bud Fisher

Using our native lava rock and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, I've created a unique form of sculpture. Honored with the First Ever Rock Welding Award, an extensive body of work has resulted in numerous exhibitions and international recognition.

Located in beautiful Surprise Valley, I have been building a studio and sculpture park for the past twelve years. I alternate my art between a thoughtful conceptual series and then lighten the mood and retain my balance with whimsical pieces such as the Extinct & Endangered Lava Creatures - (I'm the only one making them!)

The "Nike of Mastectomy" sprang into being after my experience with cancer. She has flown the world in two traveling exhibitions. Nestled under Eagle Peak in beautiful Surprise Valley, I invite you to experience our native plants and encounter a truly unusual art form.

My method of working is to create a dialogue between myself and the sculpture - working with the material and idea rather than imposing my will. The lava rock used in the sculptures comes from nearby sources predominately found in Fall River Mills and Eagle Lake, California. The ever evolving sculpture park is created using native plants. I've pruned sagebrush; I call it western bonsai. I've shaped bitter brush; I call it western topiary. Using the many rocks on the property I've created a dry creek bed, I call it a Japanese painting with western plants.

When I married into a 4th generation pioneer family I was introduced to an entirely new and different world. This is the world I wish to share with you as you stroll through the sagebrush pathways and encounter the unique sculptures nestled there. Please call me at (530) 279-2410 for an appointment.

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Kay Minto, Rock Welder

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