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John R. Jurisich, Father of Prismatics - Fine Oil Painter in Amador City

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

FLASH BULLETIN: One of John Jurisich's paintings has been awarded a prestigious Juror's Award in the Public Television Station's - KVIE 2013 Annual Art Auction. It garnered a fine price and resulted in this art critic's review:


I paint exclusively with oil on canvas. As a self-taught artist beginning in 1970, I began a journey of exploration that remains unending.

On this journey, I discovered the Birren book, "Creative Color." Birren's ideas challenged me and my palette, stating that if the palette was no longer separate from the painting, a new world of abstract art creativity would evolve, achieving tremendous visual success.

I refer to myself as the 'Father of Prismatics.' By experimenting for four decades, I keep making the breakthrough in color about which Birren writes. And, I have just scratched the surface with have much more to explore.

Born in 1929, I am years young. I am as a child continuing to explore unknown areas of light and color! I cannot adequately express the impact of the colors in my paintings, but it's like the sun emerging from the darkness of the night.

Just as Sam Francis found the European eye more receptive to his early revolutionary work, this is true of my work, too. My 37 year retrospective at the New Artworks Gallery, Old Fair Oaks Village, near Sacramento, California from August 8 to September 2, 2007, having 75 works from 1972 to 2007 was a total revelation to me. Those who view and own my work love the brilliance of colors and the prismatic quality of light they contain. I identify with other painters who felt they were 'before their time'. I would love to share what I have discovered! I would love to share all this with you. Anyone can purchase my original oil paintings on canvas directly from me without paying a gallery commission.

My studio in Amador City is open by appointment.

John R. Jurisich, Father of Prismatics Oil Painter since 1970 Resident of Amador County since 1975 Born in San Francisco in 1929 – Karrie Lindsay

I apply an initial layer of Titanium White, and then a complete layer of Payne's Gray, with areas of Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Black Ivory, Cadmium Orange, and maybe a few other colors. Then I apply a full covering of Alizarin Crimson, and a final full covering of Phthalo Blue. Each color is gently layered, not disturbing the color below. Then when I begin the palette knife 'cuts,' or 'taps' the colors burst through with luminous and iridescent radiance. The knife pressure is as delicate as a surfer on the waves just skimming the surface. Applying the Alizarin Crimson first and then Phthalo Blue gives a warm palette. Reversing the layering, using first the Phthalo Blue and then the Alizarin Crimson, fixes a cool palette with more of a geode or diamond effect.

In the early 1970s: I served as President of the Foster City Art League, Foster City, California, where I was also a member of their Board of Directors. I served as Editor of the newspaper published by the Peninsula Art Association, San Mateo, California. I had the privilege of judging the 12th Annual Formal Art Show sponsored by the Art Guild of Pacifica. My Gallery was housed in the "Spanish Town" co-op, Half Moon Bay, California, from 1971 through 1974. The rock/gem store next door to my gallery was the inspiration to start painting abstract crystalline and gem forms on canvas.

I paint with oil on canvas. I have ventured into prints or other media. I sell paintings directly to those who are purchasing their first piece of fine art and to collectors. Quite a few of my works are in a collection that contains works by Picasso, Miro, Dali, Francis, Appel, Al Smith, Antony deBaat, George Shuey, Robert Tomlinson, Fred Charap and others.

Thank you for looking. I hope you see that light coming from within!

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