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Ja Nene Natural Body Products

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Janene taking a break. – Teresa Haggis

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At Ja Nene Natural Body Products, visitors find over 70 unique, natural and organic skincare, bath and body, pet and household products - all made right here in our shop located at Three Rivers. We are the only Campaign For Safe Cosmetics member in the San Joaquin Valley and received Tulare County's 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year award. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, sponsored by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), is our nation's only organization requiring members to provide safe, non-toxic personal care products. Members have agreed to provide complete labeling of ingredients, only use EU Cosmetic Directive approved ingredients, and provide timely reports to the EWG of all ingredients used. Ja Nene Natural Body Products was one of the first 400 companies globally to join the Campaign in 2004. This is significant, because there are still no nationwide standards for our personal products. The FDA only oversees food and drugs, not cosmetics.

My business grew out of a need for access to effective and affordable, natural skin care products. As a science graduate specializing in genetics, I was aware of the negative effect chemical ingredients have on the DNA of skin cells. When a thirteen year-old wound on my husband's amputation site healed in two weeks using my first product (a body oil blend), I knew I was on the right track. As our small community heard of this, I got requests for more products. I discovered there were many people who needed natural products. We now have two stores, ship worldwide, and sell wholesale and retail. We will always manufacture and sell locally in Three Rivers, however. It's great natural beauty that renews our souls was the original inspiration to create natural products.

The shop is located on our 10 acre home site on the North Fork of the Kaweah River 1/4 mile past the Lion's Club facility. Originally settled by Indians and, later in the 1800s by members of the original Kaweah Colony, it is home to our family and an interesting array of wildlife; red-tailed hawks, grey herons, black bear, deer, and hummingbirds.

Living in this wild environment encourages us to create products with natural and sustainable ingredients. We not only make and sell our own products, we also teach about product safety and conduct hands-on classes. We invite you to come join the fun.

Ja Nene Natural Body Products is popular with the locals who know the location. Please call first for directions. We'd love to meet with you.

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We are dog-friendly.


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