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Inuksuk's Place - Paintings, Wearable Art, Healing Arts in Amador City

Unique Shop
Dale welcomes all to his store at its second location in the Historic Old Amador Hotel. – Karrie Lindsay

The Old Amador Hotel in this historic Gold Rush town in Amador County is the second location for Dale Cameron who brings international richness and whimsey to the area. He started his business in Amador City in the old building that Sunset Magazine has featured in its travel book on the Gold County! Locals believe that part of the building was originally a shed for the famous Keystone Mine Company. Still visible today, just up the road, is the foundation of the stamp mill. You can see the huge headframe used to pull up massive amounts of ore laden rock from deep mining shafts. The solid brick building across Historic Highway 49 (named for the 49ers who streamed into the area in 1849 to seek their fortunes in gold and silver) is the Keystone Consolidated Mining Company Office Building.

Built in 1881, it housed the Retort, Assay Office, Mill Grinding, the Vault and offices. In operation from 1851 through 1942, gold from the mine was valued at $ 24,500,000. Miners flocked from all over the world to work there.

Dale is sole proprietor and craftsman of Inuksuk's place, He graduated from the Tyler School of Fine Arts, part of the 105 acre campus at Temple University in the heart of Philadelphia. His background in fine art combined with experience in metal smithing, sculpture, and jewelry creation results in a fusion of artistic vision and talent.

Inuksuk usually refers to stone structures that may have been used for navigation, as a point of reference, a marker for hunting grounds, or as a identifier of a food cache. Sometimes the letters are combined into one word, inuksuk. Preserved rock assemblages can still be seen, tall forms with one or more "outstretched arms".

Dale borrows the term to highlight his deep interest in native peoples and their way of life. His paintings feature the Q'ero people from the province of Paucartambo, in the Cusco Region of Peru. The Q'ero live in one of the most remote regions of the Peruvian Andes. They do not have an organized religion per se. They speak of living in balance and have respect for all living things. The spirit of life around them is what they respect and honor. They understand the balance of nature, its power and beauty, otherwise they could not exist in such an extremely harsh and difficult environment. Dale's paintings bring out the complexities of this ancient people, their ideas and the natural world they experience.

The hand strung jewelry is made from carefully selected objects. Sensitively designed, Dale combines classic ethnic bead forms and materials from diverse cultures into a unified, harmonious whole. The subtle colors are perfect complements to many outfits.

Then, there is the whimsical side to Dale: his hand sewn and custom shirts. His mother sewed dresses for his sister, but a new shirt for him was always on the bottom of the "to do" list. So, at the age of 12 he taught himself to sew. He has been sewing ever since. Now, from a huge variety of fabric: rainbow, gothic, historic and abstract, he designs and makes shirts, both off the rack and custom. Making shirts in sizes from large to curvaceous to 2XL and beyond, there is something for everyone wanting a unique, handcrafted shirt that makes a statement!

Spanning the diversity that underpins the cultural richness of Amador City, Dale welcomes you with open arms!

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets on leashes are welcomed.


Seasons Open

Throughout the year. Thursday through Sunday, 10am - 5pm.

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