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Hope Valley Wildlife Area - California Watchable Wildlife Viewing Site #92

Wildlife Viewing Area
USFS-LTBMU wildlife tech., Debra Scolnick, marvels at some of the grand old aspen in the Upper Christmas Valley during a bird survey with Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences – Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences

Hope Valley Wildlife Area is a California Watchable Wildlife Viewing Site.

From thickets of blazing yellow-gold aspens on its slopes in fall to showy spring wildflower displays on the rolling meadows, Hope Valley is known for its stunning scenery and serenity. It is also a good place to see wildlife for those who take time to look.

Mule deer and yellow-bellied marmots use the area from spring through fall. During spring listen for blue grouse booming and mountain quail whistling among the Jeffrey pines and near creeks. When near water look for common snipe or locate them by their winnowing calls. Many cavity-nesting birds also inhabit the conifers and aspens, including red-naped sapsuckers, hairy woodpeckers, and mountain bluebirds.

Fall populations of warbling vireos, western wood pewees, and yellow-rumped warblers give way to such winter visitors as red-breasted nuthatches, mountain chicadees, and dark-eyed juncos. Clark's nutcrackers are common. Belding's ground squirrels and other rodents attract a variety of hawks, porcupines, coyotes, bobcats, and black bears also inhabit the area. Watch for beaver sign and spotted sandpipers near the Carson River.

The vegetative mosaic provides diverse wildlife viewing opportunities. Habitat for special status species includes willow flycatcher, goshawk, peregrine falcon, great gray owl, and Sierra Nevada red fox. Species that have been seen are osprey, bald eagle, prairie falcon, goshawk, bear, deer, songbirds and many other species.

The Pony Express Trail, Mormon Emigrant Trail and the historic Danberg Camp are also located in the area.

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Best Months and Seasons for Viewing

Spring, Summer and Fall provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Best Time for Viewing

Mornings and late afternoons best for viewing.

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