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Goose Lake State Park

Wildlife Viewing Area
Paragliding over Goose Lake, California –

ADA Accessibility Notes

The park is well maintained, and there is accessibility on paved areas around the Park and near the lake.

One of my favorite birding sites is Goose Lake State Park located at the very top of California, on the California and Oregon state line. I remember one day traveling along Hwy. 395 and a flock of American White Pelicans flew level with us over the lake as we drove along. I'll never forget the feeling of staring at them almost eye to eye.

According to Tim, the manager of the Park, a family of beavers has been very busy re-routing New Pine Creek. Their activity of building a new home, has also created a new marshy wetland, which is attracting several birds. In fact, Tim has verified over 152 species of birds around Goose Lake. Goose Lake is certainly a birder's paradise, and don't forget the little beavers and their contribution to this marvelous ecosystem.

Goose Lake was also traversed by the emigrants traveling to Oregon on the Applegate Emigrant Trail. They lowered the wagons down from the Warner Mountains just south of the state line, to the bottom where Goose Lake is located and the wagons traveled across the lake bed to proceed on the trail. You can still see the wagon ruts under the water of the lake after all this time. That is the "Decent into Goose Lake", which is marked by a Oregon and California trail marker.

Goose Lake State Park provides a campground, and day use areas for picnicking, wildlife watching, bird watching, and boating on the lake.

Best Months and Seasons for Viewing

Songbirds best seen in spring and fall, though summer is also good. Look for birds of prey, deer, predators and aquatic mammals year-round.

Best Time for Viewing

Early morning and late evening

Pet Friendly Notes

All pets should be on a leash and under control.

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