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Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp

Backcountry Shelter

One of Yosemite National Park's historic High Sierra Camps, Glen Aulin is an easier camp to hike to as the trail from Soda Springs follows the Tuolumne River and its meadows most of the way. The camp is set alongside the 80 ft. high White Cascade and is located in a geological wonderland. A popular day-trip from camp to Waterwheel Falls passes through a unique granite canyon towards the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne with California Fall and LeConte Fall along the way.

The original camp was located in the flat, peaceful valley just downstream from the present location. This valley was named Glen Aulin, from the gaelic words for ‘beautiful valley or glen’. In 1923 Glen Aulin was chosen as a likely spot to add a hikers’ camp and the Yosemite National Park Company built the camp in 1927. Mosquitoes proved to be too annoying and the camp moved to its present site alongside the White Cascade.

All High Sierra Camp lodging is in canvas tent cabins with dormitory-style steel frame beds with mattresses, pillows, woolen blankets or comforters. To maximize the number of people able to enjoy the High Camps, we do our best to fill all the beds. The staff makes every effort to keep members of a party in the same tent(s), but sometimes splitting a party is necessary.

A satisfying dinner and breakfast are served family-style in a main dining tent while you meet and compare notes with other High Sierra Camp lodging guests. Every effort is made to accommodate advance requests due to dietary restrictions such as food allergies, vegetarian or vegan diets. Sack lunches, which must be ordered the night before they're needed, may also be purchased at each camp.

Looking down on Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp from the top of the White Cascade

Eco-Friendly Notes

DNC Parks and Resorts, Inc. created GreenPath®. GreenPath is a formal, documented and comprehensive environmental preservation plan, and covers just about everything we could think of to preserve and protect our natural resources. This plan is woven into everything we do - from contributions to environmental organizations to employee volunteerism. GreenPath is our way of making sure that our treasures are available for generations to come.

Number of Persons Shelter Will Accommodate

8 cabins with a total occupancy of 32 guests

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed on Yosemite's wilderness trails. All lodging and restaurants within Yosemite National Park do not allow pets. In Yosemite, pets are allowed on fully paved trails and roads.

Structure Access

Glen Aulin is part of a 50-mile loop of High Sierra Camps, spaced roughly 5.7 to 10 miles apart. Located high in the Yosemite wilderness and accessible only by foot or saddle, each of Yosemite's High Sierra Camps feature a unique and spectacular setting. Due to high demand, reservations are available on a lottery basis. However, if you miss the lottery process, please check during the summer season for last minute availability at the individual camps.

What to Bring

To reduce the impact of stock on trails, guests provide their own sheets or sleep-sacks and towels. While full packs are not necessary, please review our Trip Preparationinformation for a recommended packing list.


Shelter Warming Source

Wood Burning Stove

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