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CSERC (Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center)

CSERC routinely monitors water quality in the forest streams of the Northern Yosemite, revealing pollution from livestock. – Forrest Stanley

For the past 22 years, the Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center (CSERC) has effectively served as the foremost environmental defender of more than 2,000,000 acres of forests, rivers, lakes, wetlands, roadless areas, old growth groves, scenic oak woodlands, and other precious areas within the Northern Yosemite region of the Central Sierra Nevada. Because our Center is located in the midst of a region that is still dominated by proponents of mining, logging, grazing, development, and aggressive use of resources, CSERC is often the only voice for nature speaking up locally at hearings and meetings. CSERC is also the only conservation organization that actively monitors the full range of logging, mining, grazing, development, and water projects in the local area. Without CSERC, the vast majority of threats to nature in this spectacular region would go unchallenged. Many harmful projects would not be altered or blocked by CSERC's science-based testimony and fieldwork. Many precious values would be diminished or lost.

While working to defend nature, CSERC also strives to find win-win, balanced solutions to controversial issues and to build strong relationships with all interests.

Forest Ecosystems and Water

We defend old growth forests, wild rivers, at-risk wildlife, and the magical wild places still left within this part of the Sierra Nevada.

We set-up remote camera stations in the National Forest and Yosemite National Park to look for rare wildlife species.

We go out into the forest to visit every proposed timber sale, road project, pesticide application, or other threat to nature on USFS lands; then we respond with written comments and legal input for controversial, potentially harmful projects.

We monitor water quality in local water ways to look for contaminants.

We monitor livestock grazing on public lands in the region - measuring meadow grasses and photographing meadow systems that are suffering from over-grazing, stream bank damage, or meadow down-cutting.

Public Education & Outreach

Each year CSERC presents free slide show programs about water, wildlife, and forests to more than 5,000 students or members of community groups.

We organize volunteers to participate in hands on restoration projects. Celebrate the Sierra! Check out the Sierra Fun section of our website, featuring scenic destinations, recreation hot spots, advice for your kid's first camping trip, games for kids and so much more!!!


For the past 22 years, the Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center (CSERC) has made the following accomplishments:

  • Responded to over 1000 development projects
  • Reached nearly 111,000 students and community members with our educational programs
  • Located rare wildlife, including the extremely rare Sierra Nevada Red Fox
  • Saved over 8000 acres of old growth forest

How to Support


We completed 15 volunteer projects in 2012! Join us in 2013 to meet great community members and get hands on experience restoring meadows, rehabilitating illegal trails, constructing fences and other restoration techniques. Check out our website for a detailed summary of all the great projects we completed this year, and sign up to be notified of our upcoming volunteer projects so you can help too! Click here for more on Volunteering with CSERC

There are many reasons why people donate to CSERC, and we are sure that at least some aspect of our work matters to you. Please consider becoming a member and donating today. Donate Now!

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