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Crowley Lake Scenic Viewpoint

Scenic Viewpoint
Wildflowers and Crowley Lake – Sarah McCahill

Located along US Highway 395, the Crowley Lake viewpoint provides a breathtaking view of this Sierra Nevada lake.

It was here, about 700,000 years ago, that massive volcanic eruptions flattened a volcano and sent hot ash and debris pouring down to the Owens Valley.

In more recent times the area was a vast meadowland, until 1941 when the City of Los Angeles built the Long Valley Dam and created Crowley Lake.

Today, Crowley Lake is the focal point of Mono County's fishing season opening day, and its marina stays busy from late spring into fall. Fishing, boat rentals, seasonal water sports and wintering bald eagles and waterfowl make Crowley Lake popular with anglers, water skiers, and bird watchers.

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