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Country Bear Originals, Photography

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

For the past 40 years I have been taking close-ups of nature in addition to the scenic views that eloquently capture 'the moment'. My photographs have been published in several magazines, newspapers and brochures, in addition to websites. I am also the official photographer for the Three Rivers Historical Society and Museum.

Bobcat, Three Rivers, California – Tom Marshall

Three Rivers is a friendly village of 2,100 artists, retirees, and hard working families, located at the entrance to Sequoia National Park. Three Rivers is known as the "Gateway to the Sequoias." Living here, how could you not be inspired to capture the four seasons and the frequent visits from wild animals and birds? Well that is what brought me and my wife to the Sierra Nevada range and the Sequoia National Park over 20 years ago.

Big mountains, big trees or picturesque vistas are usually captured with today's digital cameras. What about that one tree that is not the biggest, but has so much character? Maybe that Bobcat that is so quiet? Or that single flower rising through the winter snow, reaching as high as it can to touch the sunlight. Capturing that sunlight while standing on the correct side of that little tree, or just waiting for that Bobcat is what true wilderness photography is all about.

"There is a place not far from here that leaves the city behind...A quiet place where reflections abound and the morning frost appears." This is what I look for when taking photographs. I aim to expose another side of the Sierra Nevada foothills, be it the river views, ranches, unique buildings, bridges and, of course, the birds, flowers and animals.

Come and look beyond the vista pictures and into the world below the trees through my camera lens.

My photography is available at and at the Three Rivers Historical Museum.

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Tom Marshall