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Cherry Lake

Lake, River, or Waterfall
Cherry Lake is the largest alpine lake in this area. – USFS

Cherry Lake sits in the Cherry Valley at a middle elevation of the Sierra Nevada. The visitor sees pines, firs and cedar trees set against the blue jewel of Cherry Lake.

The lower end of the Lake is anchored in the lower Sierran life zones of oak, pine and fire, as can be seen in the new plantations and the old brush fields. The mid Lake is bound by the trees and at its upper reaches by the granite cliffs of the High Sierras.

Deer are common and often seen, coyotes can be heard in the evening and may be seen slinking through the forest, and if you're really lucky you may see a bear. Or a skunk, or bobcat or even a fox. In season flowers can be found such as lupine, indian paintbrush, or snowflower just to mention a few.

While many people come to Cherry Lake it is not a busy "destination" type of place, There is plenty of opportunity to be alone.

Pet Friendly Notes

Polite animals welcome

Recreational Opportunities

Boating (but not high speed watercraft), hiking, fishing, camping, photography and hunting during the season. Bird watching would also be a good activity as osprey, eagles and other interesting birds can be found in the area.

Some people use this location as a jumping off point to go into the back country of the Yosemite Park for extended hiking/camping trips.


Seasons Accessible

Cherry Lake is available spring, summer and fall.


$19 daily for a camping spot in the Cherry Valley campground

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