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California Hot Springs

Hot Spring

ADA Accessibility Notes

Call the resort for ADA needs.

The California Hot Springs Resort is located within the Sequoia National Monument in the central southern Sierra Nevada mountains.

California Hot Springs was founded in 1882 and was developed as a health resort that centered around the town's naturally, pure hot springs water. Impressive, over 350,000 gallons of 125° F. water flow from the rock cliffs of California Hot Springs each day. The water's characteristics including a remarkable softness, very-low sodium, odorless, unique purity and refreshing taste set this natural spring water apart from all others.

In the early 1800s, the native Yokuts channeled the hot springs water into hollowed-out logs. They would then soak in these "tubs" to relieve the pain of rheumatism that was caused by sleeping on the damp ground. The Yokuts were followed by the gold miners in the 1850s, who were followed by sheep and cattle ranchers in the 1860-1880s.

Development of California Hot Springs started in 1882 by Henry Witt, and 1902 a large hotel was under construction. In 1920 a commercial center, swimming pool and therapeutic center were constructed. The landmark California Hot Springs recreation hall was built in 1926 and dedicated in May of 1927. Fire destroyed the hotel in 1932 and the commercial center in 1968. The facility was then abandoned for the next 16 years. Restoration began in 1983 and the facilities were reopened in 1985.

Today, modern day travelers are welcome to soak in the hot springs which are located inside the Sequoia National Monument on Mountain Road 56.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets please.

Recreational Opportunities

Swimming and relaxing are the prime recreational opportunities. The resort also has a deli and gift shop for visitors.


Seasons Accessible

Open year round.


Spa Day Passes: $10 adults, $5 children

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