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Bogus Thunder near historic Deadwood California

Hiking Trail or Trailhead
Upstream twinkle of Bogus Thunder – Bill Mash

Bogus Thunder gets its name from the thundering rapids and seasonal falls that were commonly mistaken for thunder by gold miners.

Deadwood was founded in 1852 when gold was found in the surrounding river canyons. In its heyday it had 500 people living there including gun maker Sam Colt. Deadwood was in a decline by 1855, although mining with moderate returns was carried on in the vicinity into the mid 1950s. All that remains are the well preserved cemetery and a few old wells.

Simple directions...

1) Take Foresthill road to Deadwood Road. 2) Deadwood cemetery to Western States. 3) Western states to saddle access trail (left turn). 4) Up to the saddle is well marked. 5) At the saddle proceed down in a easterly direction to the claim. 6) From the claim go south to the River.

Detailed GPS data including a HD video of the area...

Be sure to watch the video on wikiloc for more history and in depth information on this magnificent location including candle blazes, bear scars and miner cairns.

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