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A Stones' Throw Gallery

Art Gallery or Studio
A Stones Throw Gallery is located inside Kernville Antiques & Gifts – Charles Topping

ADA Accessibility Notes

A Stone's Throw Gallery is not handicapped accessible. Due to the age of the building the doorways and outside curbs need revamping to permit handicap access. A grant to improve the sidewalks in our town and to make it a "Walk-able Community" is in process.

Located on the edge of wilderness, on the edge of city life, on the edge of our own resources and thoughts. Being separate from the city, we are more self reliant, more individual. Welcome to A Stones' Throw Gallery.

The pieces in the Gallery are based on interpretations of the Kern Valley or the skill and whimsy of the artists' imagination. All of us are mature artists with definite styles and statements. The Kern River Valley is our inspiration. The diverse ecosystems offer numerous displays of nature's wonders from the high desert lands of Joshua trees, cactus, star filled nights to the upper elevations of giant sequoia trees towering towards the blue skies, abundant wildlife, waterfalls and, of course, the spectacular Kern River.

When the Gallery started seven years ago, we were located in a garage on a side street in Kernville, a stones' throw away from the Kern River. Since we moved into Kernville Antiques & Gifts three years ago, we're a hefty throw and a couple of bounces from the Kern River and seen by many more visitors. The goal of A Stone’s Throw Art Gallery is to offer unique and one-of-a-kind artwork. The Gallery offers artwork from over 20 different local and nationally known artists. On display are oil paintings, watercolor, ceramics, metal casting, acrylics, glass sculpture, masks, photography, and a variety of fine jewelry.

About Our Artists

Katharine Edmonston

Founder and guiding spirit of A Stone's Throw Gallery, Katharine is a multi-talented artist. Katharine’s work demonstrates her interest in three-dimensional design. Her assemblages recreate microcosms of life using varied media in symbolic relationships. Each assemblage box represents part of her experience and travels in life. Katharine’s photography draws on her travels to express the awe and inspiration she gets from living on our planet. From her home here in the Kern River Valley to her journeys to Venice, Chile, Iceland, and Kenya, she uses her inspirations to capture the moment to share. Katharine has always been interested in the variation and expression of the human face. Making masks for over 13 years, one can see the influence of Kenya and Venice where she has traveled.

Charles Topping, M.F.A.

Charles has been designing and hand casting his creations for over 20 years. He draws on Renaissance and Medieval lifestyles for inspiration. He’s had extensive teaching experience at the college level. As with many of the Stone’s Throw artists, Charles also designs special jewelry pieces and unique metal objects on consignment.

James Martin

James is known for the consistent quality of his ceramic pieces. Vases and other decorative ware featuring his beautifully patterned graffito designs are available in the Gallery.

Eugenia Cross

Eugenia's jewelry combines her fused glass pieces with fine silver, natural stone and crystal. The changing seasons, the sea, and her love of animals are strong influences in her jewelry. The flow of the Kern River is a new inspiration for her gallery work. She is also drawn to the flow of the spirit, which can be seen in some of her work featuring religious images from many faiths as well as in her Personal Visualization Shrines.

Jo Lee Vaughn

Being creative has always been an underlying theme in Jo Lee's life. Besides the intricate and unique designs she creates in her wire work and beading, she enjoys needle art, painting, and sewing as part of her creative outlet.

Jeanie Zebrak of Lazy Lizzard Designs

Jeanie's love of jewelry making began many years ago. She took classes at the college level working with metal and stones, fabricating and lost wax casting. When Jeanie came across semi precious stone beads, she found her niche and bead work became a natural progression for her. She enjoys rock hunting around the Kern River Valley and began incorporating local stones in her pieces. Inspired by her surroundings of nature, she looks for color and movement in the stones to spark her creativity. She is fascinated by the juxtaposition and uniqueness of stones and the way they fit together.

Carol Bradshaw

Carol Bradshaw, a resident of the valley for over 20 years, moved here for the inspiration of the ecosystems and terriain. The area abounds in rocks and water, much of which are frequent subjects in her works. Her pursuit of art began in the early 80's when she took classes and workshops in Texas. After moving to California she enrolled in Otis Art School where she still is enrolled as a part time student. Bradshaw is a signature member of the Nevada Watercolor Society, the Kern River Valley Art Association, Central Coast Watercolor Society , American Society of Botanical Artist and many more.

Carol works in watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, and pen and ink. Watercolor pieces are featured in the Gallery such as her meticulously rendered botanicals. Besides teaching her craft, she also displays her artwork at various art shows in the southwestern United States.

Paul Chamberlain,

Paul is no stranger to the art world. Paul was fascinated by art throughout high school which continued into his college years until his graduation from the renowned Art Center College of Design. Paul spent several years at design firms in Detroit. His most notable design, the logo for the Bay Area Rapid Transit train, graces the front of each BART train to this day! Returning to California in the mid-60's, Chamberlain settled into graphic/advertising design creating signage, ads, brochures and greeting cards. Finally encouraged by a close friend and working artist, he returned to his easel sketching and oil painting. Chamberlain's travels as well as his favorite area of Kernville and the Sierra Nevada mountains have all provided him with a rich variety of subjects to capture on canvas. Paul’s love of color and unique composition have led him to document a rich variety of subjects including Kern River, mountains and valleys as well as local landmarks and historical places. Paul is a member of the California Art Club and the Pasadena Society of Artists.

Carol H. Wermuth

Carol paints portraits of the "old ones," ancestors of today's American Indians, to honor them as well as to express her own Cherokee heritage. Her portraits convey the deep respect and spiritual affinity she has with the people she paints. For many of her paintings Carol uses local Indians of the Kern River Valley area as subjects of her art. She is able to capture the colorful images of these people and their cultures.

Fr. Robert D. M. Woods,

"Bob" Woods came to America in 1949 from Scotland. A retired attorney and teacher, he is published in the fields of law, theology and medical ethics. Fr. Bob began his photography career with a folding Kodak camera in the early 1950s. His history in the field of photography include wedding and portrait studios, but his passion has always been nature and landscape photography. Bob's images at the Gallery depict hiking the lands of the Kern River Valley as well as the central coast of California. The Kern River Valley offers a constant interplay of light and clouds, morning and evening light, and changing seasons providing him with continuous inspiration and delight. Fr. Bob's prints can be found in resort and vacation properties as well as in the homes of friends and visitors alike. We know you will enjoy his perspective on our California wilderness, and the enduring grandeur and beauty of the Kern River area.

Redbud, Keith & Carla Thorn

For over 30 years, Keith and Carla Thorn have worked together as a team combining artistic wood pieces and stained glass. Their combined creative art complements each other's talents. One of their projects was to design and complete sixteen stained glass / leaded panels for the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Lake Isabella. Each window design illustrates an event from the Lutheran religion. Families of the congregation chose an event to portray and were instrumental in the designing process.

Many of their wood pieces, such as their furniture and doors, are environmentally friendly and functional. They use reclaimed hardwood products to make their artistic solid wood pieces. Exotic woods used in their products have been salvaged from sources such as crating, construction waste, door bottoms, pallets, discarded furniture and cabinet scraps. They believe in maintaining personal ethics for the environment and believe balance is the key to sustainability. Many of their pieces reflect the history of the Kernville area. Inspired by the nature and surrounding beauty of the Kern River Valley, much of their work depicts trees, rivers, wildlife and historical events. Special creations are available upon request.

Chuck Barbee

In 2005, after retiring from the commercial side of the film industry and TV business, Chuck Barbee began producing his dream project, Wild West Country, a documentary film series based on the books by the late Bob Powers, a local Kern River Valley historian.

He never thought of himself as a fine art photographer, but as a cinematographer, movie producer and filmmaker. Seeing the response to the images of Wild West Country footage, Chuck began a series of fine art photographs drawn from the high definition footage. These photographs depict the history of the Kern Valley region in a new exciting way, connecting history with newer images of historical events. These prints on canvas inspired him to begin a new series of unique star and moonlight photographs of the area's historic buildings. The first of these, “Star Mill”, is a fresh look at an old landmark, the A. Brown Mill.

Eco-Friendly Notes

A Stone's Throw Gallery artists are committed to the sustainability of our planet. Many of us actively participate in local green festivals and clean up days. Donations are made to the events to help promote not only the artwork, but to show our support for these types of events and what they represent.

Pet Friendly Notes

A Stone's Throw Gallery is not pet friendly due to the large amount of breakable items throughout the store as well as narrow passages. Service dogs may be allowed upon request.


Sunday through Saturday 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. Closed Tuesdays.

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